Building a 21st Century
Dayton for Every resident

Building a 21st century city requires leadership that actively responds to residents’ interests and connects individuals, neighborhoods, businesses, and government to balance economic opportunity and improve quality of life.


For Dayton City commission

Shenise is a strong independent voice for ALL. She is an authentic leader who will represent the issues and concerns of residents by advocating, creating, and implementing responsive policy. Vote for Shenise, and together let’s transform our communities block by block!

Shenise Will…

Build Healthy Communities

  • By supporting organizations that help eliminate food insecurity
  • By promoting initiatives that benefit physical and mental health
  • By proposing a minor offense expungement program
  • By engaging with youth, adults, and seniors to learn concerns and to respond with effective policy and programming
  • By fighting proactively against crime

Strengthen Relationships

  • By eliminating barriers to capital, resources, and other development needs
  • By restructuring policies that positively impact one community at the expense of another
  • By ushering clear, consistent communication between government and residents
  • By helping to increase the capacity of neighborhoods and community organizations

Promote Equitable Development

  • By working closely with diversely talented residents
  • By creating opportunities for students and professionals to expand their skills and capacity
  • By partnering with organizations that develop talent
  • By being accessible to residents, transparent about operations, and accountable to decision making

Thank you!

I want to sincerely thank you for your time, support, and donations to my candidacy. My candidacy for Dayton City Commission was never about the title, but instead the foundation in which our democracy was built on. My candidacy was about creating opportunity for residents to have a seat at the table and collaboratively shape and implement innovative policy and programming reflective of their interests.

I can not thank you enough for your commitment to the Dayton community and your confidence in my candidacy. Our campaign slogan was "For The People," but it is more than just a catchy slogan – it is the principle of what a public servant role is and how they represent the will of the people.

In solidarity,

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